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Critical Reading


Reading is the basis for understanding any subject matter. Even learning mathematics is based on the ability to read each chapter and its instructions. Reading and comprehension is a must. The question is how one becomes a “better reader.” Research shows that reading comprehension requires motivation, mental frameworks for holding ideas, concentration and identify the type of reasoning: in order for EduLab to better assist our students and their needs, we are currently offering 5 reading classes; each class is uniquely designed to help our students become better readers, and thinkers!

SAT Passage Reading

The milestone of this class is to intensively prepare the SAT students achieve the highest score possible. Instructors enhance and sharpen the skills learned in the lower SAT classes while using College Board approved texts. All SAT classes are taught using time management and test taking strategies.

Advanced Critical Reading: World Literature

Advanced critical reading class introduces the necessary skills to achieve the highest score possible using great works of literature. Because of the nature of this class, instructors do provide additional texts including short stories from literature.

Intermediate Critical Reading: Foundations of Literature

This reading class introduces students to the great writers of literature. Students are expected to read more complex stories and make connections between texts and themselves, become aware of how comprehension strategies work, and apply them. Inferring, modifying and confirming are the milestones activities of this class.

Introductory Critical Reading

This class is designed for students who successfully complete the lower level class or demonstrate the skills needed for this class. Students are encouraged to enhance the reading and critical thinking skills studied in the lower level class. Books used include but not limited to non fiction, fiction, historical fiction, biography.

Reading Comprehension

Students in this class learn the tools to become consciences readers to help them make the meaning of what they read. They explore paragraph structure; students are also introduced to literary terms like plot, characters, theme, tone. Class activities and homework include but not limited to: in-class reading followed by comprehension questions discussion questions, vocabulary exercises, and mini writing prompts.